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“My husband and I like to read at the table, sharing paragraphs and tidbits of information. He surprised me last week by reading selections from Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir, by Wednesday Martin. (Simon & Schuster, 2015.) He found it engrossing, and so did I.”

Source: Fashion Anthropology: Primates of Park Avenue

Image: Two women in evening dress, Nov. 1936. Woman’s Home Companion.

By Sunsm


SUNSM “woman wardrobe”

Like the rest of the people in the Western world, I believe that my fashion choices reflect aspects of my personality. When I wear clothes, they are really symbols, or a type of language which explains who I am. Hence, for example, I will only buy and wear analogue watches which have an old fashioned feel to them and I, as a general rule, only wear ‘classic’ looking clothes. This fashion choice relays the information that I seek to go above the merely ephemeral and wish to feel part of a tradition. The fashion choice is also a homage to my grandfather, who, like the rest of the Asian Diaspora of his generation, would wear suit jackets and trousers and shoes even in their leisure hours. Hence, I favour cardigans with nice buttons, shirts and jackets, although I will often wear these with the ubiquitous blue jeans and trainers (so even in the application of my personal, general rule, there is something that is more contemporary). Sometimes, I also mix this old-fashioned basis with a layer of brilliant colour. As I write this piece, for example, I am wearing a bright pink jumper with a white t-shirt showing underneath and with blue jeans. I believe that these intense colours relay ideas about my passionate and intense nature, my whimsical, flamboyant and creative side.

What I wish to consider here, is how much self-expression and creativity is allowed in our fashion choices. After all, most of us do not make our own clothes. We wear the vision of others. Our self-expression and creativity therefore, when it comes to fashion choice, appears to consist in our selection and arrangement of clothes in relation to other people’s selection and arrangement of clothes.


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Toronto apparel brand Muttonhead has been steadily making a name for itself as one of Canada’s top ethical and sustainable fashion retailers. Muttonhead specializes in “slow design” as a counter-movement to the rise of fad-focused, disposable “fast fashion.” Rather than outsourcing its business, Muttonhead achieves a more ethical form of production by manufacturing all of their clothing in Toronto, while enforcing quality control and fair trade practices. The company even develops several of its own types of fabric, all of which are milled in Toronto as well.

NIL Muttonhead 1 NIL Muttonhead 3 NIL Muttonhead
Another unique aspect of Muttonhead’s approach is the focus on unisex clothing. The brand focuses on timeless, rather than fad designs, which appeal to both men and women alike. Founder Meg Sinclair explains that she wanted to create a lifestyle brand that produces timeless, high-quality outerwear “for the everyday adventurer”, regardless of their gender. Her efforts herald a new approach to fashion design that focuses on sustainability and quality, over globalized, disposable fashion.



I have never owned a red bag. As my birthday neared I made the decision to pick this little lady up to carry around in Manhattan over the weekend. I have to say I made an excellent choice. Kira fits a great deal and still looks sleek and city ready. I love the color, Massai, a deep orange-red, as well as the saffiano leather, made for those of us who aren’t so gentle with our bags & clutches. Mini bags, with a punch, are on trend this spring. What are you carrying in yours?

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Leather: Purse,Key Fob, Slim Card Case and mini notebook by Tory Burch

Vanity: Glossier “balm dotcom”, Korres “lip butter”, NARS “Rikugien” Satin Lip Pencil

Tech: Samsung Galaxy 3 with silicon “Gameboy” case in Hot Pink

NIL 7ology The Met

NERDS IN LUXURY | The Sevenology

A quick weekend trip to Manhattan with the ladies of The Sevenology. We ate too much, drank too much and that’s the best type of trip. Until next time, Chicago perhaps?

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VZ is very excited to be in the #13or31? club.

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Kitty looking for inspiration for her Paris flat.

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Jenn about to rush Jesus for his bread.

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Hanah and Veronica staying cool at every opportunity.


AgenderBlame athleisure, that slow-burn trend that has us wearing workout clothes outside of the gym, or maybe look to the jersey dressing championed by the likes of Alexander Wang, but much of what passes for men’s and women’s clothing these days is separated by a line that’s barely perceptible.

“The great gender blur,” Ruth La Ferla called it in the New York Times, writing about the fall collections coming out of the most recent New York Fashion Week. “That deliberate erosion on the runways of a once rigid demarcation between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes.” It was a season of girls in roomy pants and coats, guys in slit shirtdress combos, and runways populated with both male and female models walking the same show. She pointed to lines like Public School, Hood by Air, and Telfar for examples of gender-neutral styles.

The New York City-born and Liberia-raised Telfar Clemens describes his namesake line of minimalist denim, leather, and thigh-high leg warmers as “a fusion of fashion and functionality.” He’s happy to leave further analysis to the critics, though. “I feel like if something looks good on you, it’s for you to wear,” he says. “I’ve always felt this when it comes to my personal style and it’s what I want to achieve with Telfar.”

“Guys like girls’ jeans as much as men’s jeans,” says Rox Brown, a personal shopper and stylist at VFiles. “But sportswear made unisex a thing. If you think about sweats, hoodies, leggings underneath shorts—that’s a sports thing. That opened the gate.” Louis Terline, the cofounder of Oak, agrees: “It happened when the sweatpant became a fetish object for designers, when they began playing with the notion of the T-shirt.”

But gender-neutral fashion doesn’t begin and end with a futuristic take on sportswear. Look at the male and female dandies at Gucci last month. It’s not unusual to see men in women’s lines like Céline (think Kanye West at Coachella in 2011), and women have long been encouraged to dabble in men’s (Hedi Slimane-era Dior Homme, anyone?). Men’s clothes are “becoming more feminine. Culturally we’re in a phase where we’re leading towards that. It’s becoming more mainstream,” says Nik Kacy, who identifies as genderfluid and designs traditionally masculine shoes in an inclusive spectrum of sizes, in the same vein of lines like Sharpe Suitingand St. Harridan.

Over the last several years, the broader cultural shift in how we view gender has also picked up speed in the fashion industry.

In fact, fashion has a fairly rich history of experimenting with, and even embracing, androgyny, from the suiting favored by Katherine Hepburn all the way up through decidedly non-girly grunge (both the original and rehabilitated versions). Over the last several years, the broader cultural shift in how we view gender has also picked up speed in the fashion industry, where they like to think they’re on the forefront of these things. Trans models like Lea T and Andreja Pejic have both broken barriers and helped spark wider discussions of gender fluidity. It’s a conversation that’s ongoing.

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thpshopblackwhitemattepearlI already own the first “The Pearl Doubleback” earrings by THPShop but these bad boys here have definitely made my March “Wish-list”. I already get so many compliments on my pearl’s I’m sure to get a few double takes with this black and white combo.

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