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A Nerds In Luxury New Year’s Eve Spectacular!

The Doritos and Snickers Phenomenon, Expectant Mother Parking, Sex on a Sleep Number Bed, Cards Against Humanity, PTO, Morning at the Movies, Hidden Figures, Assassin’s Creed, The Compassion Project, Pop the Bubbly it’s 2017!

Thank you all for your support in 2016!



VZ & Crew

'In dealing with her disobedient husband, Agnes finally had to resort to a 'choke tie'.For years we men have heard the complaints from our female counterparts, “put the toilet seat down,” and we have met this demand with quiet acceptance without much question as to why.  While we still often forget to put the seat down and continue to draw the ire of our female family members, I for one have quietly wondered if the “seat down” position really is the most sensible position for a toilet when not in use.

A toilet seat has three positions.  1.) Lid and seat down  2.) Seat and lid up  3.) Seat down, lid up (the position in question).  I believe a close examination of the pros and cons of each will show that in fact, the seat down and lid up position is actually the least desirable of the three.


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The Answer is No


“This isn’t about being an aloof artist (which you can’t afford to be). This isn’t about being the entrepreneur who checks out from all the relationships you have (which is suicide). This is about rejecting those who want your physical presence in order to pour into those who need your emotional presence.

Because nobody is going to give you time to create.”


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My home has become the latest focus of my creativity these days. I’ve minimized my possessions and refocused my energy on doing what makes me content in that moment. For more photos of my home follow @nerdsinluxury on Instagram or hashtag #nil_home.