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960If you’ve been asleep this semester I would highly suggest some “Post Mid-Term Extra Credit Work”. Your professor won’t give a damn but you’ve done something for the audiophile in your life.

LISTEN: Noname – Telefone

TAKE AWAY: The best open diary of 2016.

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Don’t you hate that “hump-day” commercial? Yeah, you won’t see that here. Sorry, not sorry.

Be grateful, the beautiful DJ Han-Soloh is here to save you from your basic mid-week antics. So, before you listen to your co-worker complain about their Tinder date, put your earbuds in, press play and nod your head until it’s time to clock out. Han-Soloh know’s how to get a lady to five o’clock with a smile.

NIL DJ Han-Soloh

TD Notorious White

Last year, Team Demo released a compilation entitled Journey with Nas,” which mashed up Nasacapellas with beats made with samples from the legendary rock band, Journey.  The follow up is“Notorious White,” which does the same, but this time with Notorious B.I.G. and Barry White.  The project was put together at Depth Charge Studios over the past several months and is available for streaming and download on the Team Demo Soundcloud page as well as several other hosting platforms.  Enjoy!

A study of pattern on pattern.

A study of pattern on pattern.


What an interesting time of year…the fuckery of winter finally seems to come to an end.

Longer days, warmer mornings. I’m all for it.

I was born in March and while I don’t follow astrology closely I’m sure many would describe me as the sleepy, artistic and very lazy Pisces. While I feel extremely lucky to be spinning on this rock, that is orbiting the sun, in a galaxy we can’t quite pinpoint in correlation to others. I feel this lightness, a seemingly content moment.

Happy Birthday fellow March babies, celebrate in style.