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'In dealing with her disobedient husband, Agnes finally had to resort to a 'choke tie'.For years we men have heard the complaints from our female counterparts, “put the toilet seat down,” and we have met this demand with quiet acceptance without much question as to why.  While we still often forget to put the seat down and continue to draw the ire of our female family members, I for one have quietly wondered if the “seat down” position really is the most sensible position for a toilet when not in use.

A toilet seat has three positions.  1.) Lid and seat down  2.) Seat and lid up  3.) Seat down, lid up (the position in question).  I believe a close examination of the pros and cons of each will show that in fact, the seat down and lid up position is actually the least desirable of the three.


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My wife gets the vast majority of my fucks and I get the vast majority of hers (bada bing.)  That’s what marriage is. After that, my dog Wellington gets a bunch of fucks (maybe more than some people think a dog should.) I spend more time with Wellington than any human so if you need help committing suicide, fuck with my dog and I will handle that for you.

Then, I’ve got a robust chunk of fucks for my family. (Mom, Dad, three sisters, in-laws, nephews.) I have one grandparent left and he’s in his 90s. I give a fuck for him but he probably thinks I paid too much for it.  I’ve got some extended family as well (Uncles, Aunts, Cousins etc.) Each of them get various amounts of fucks and there are one or two to whom I have given fucks that I wish I could get back.

I also have a portion of fucks set aside for my CLOSEST FRIENDS.  This is a very short list. Less than five people are on it. These are people with whom I am incredibly close: kindred spirits and shared minds of sorts.  These people know who they are.  There are certainly a few people who think they are in this group who are not.  Perhaps they assumed that because I am in their “special” group, they would somehow automatically be in mine. There’s no reason for them to be offended. That’s just what happens when one has so few fucks. Instead, those other individuals all split the first of my last two fucks.  This fuck is divided up according to many factors but I can tell you, there are people walking around who have exactly 1% of one of my fucks.

After that, I only have one fuck left.  I call it my “revolving fuck”. It is definitely my busiest fuck because it moves constantly to which ever acquaintance, colleague or client I happen to be dealing with at any given moment.  The intensity of this fuck is often directly proportional to the amount of compensation I will be receiving for it.  Yes that’s right… This is the fuck that is for sale and it is the only one I have that is.

So you see, I only have so many fucks and I don’t have any to spare.  I guess I could re-allocate some fucks in any of the above groups, but I would have to give a fuck to do that and as I’ve clearly stated, I have none left.  I believe that is known as a paradox- “a paradox of fucks.” So I guess there’s nothing left to do but say, “fuck it.”

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Art by SUNSM

“The author states that he does not personally endorse physical violence as a first recourse in managing conflicts but understands how quickly events can escalate so that it is necessary as a form of self defence. The true fighter for justice avoids physical violence so far as he can.” –VZ|NIL



                 A boy hit my nephew every day at primary school a few weeks ago. We only found out because another boy from his class told us. We complained to the teacher and she didn’t do anything. Then we complained to the head teacher. Again, no action was taken. So, I took my nephew aside and told him something. I told him to beat up the boy if he tried it again and make sure that it didn’t happen again, because it is completely justified to defend yourself when attacked.

It is a pathetic commonplace that fighting is an uncivilised form of behaviour. They (usually) try to root it out in schools. This attitude stems from a deep rooted cowardice and draws on Christian teachings to turn the other cheek and is historically located in the legal prohibition of forms of duelling in the modern period. The only duelling that is permissible, say the courts, is the duelling of the lawyers (middle class white men, as a general rule). And the only violence that is permitted, says the state, is the violence that we sanction. You can even kill when we say so, they say (even when they kill babies and women it is completely justified – this is the law).

Where was my justice? There was no justice that day. The White Man didn’t tell the boy off. He didn’t explain why it was wrong to call us slaves and property. He didn’t object to the malicious exultation of the boy from his own race. Instead, he smirked and carried on the lesson.

Of course, if I were to suggest that I have been in fights as an adult over racist incidents, then I would possibly get into trouble with the authorities. So, instead, I want to talk about racism and some fights at school and compare them with an incident in which the White Man took charge of the situation and managed it instead of letting things get resolved in a different manner in order to illuminate some of the points I will make.


We have to laugh or else we’ll cry.

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“My husband and I like to read at the table, sharing paragraphs and tidbits of information. He surprised me last week by reading selections from Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir, by Wednesday Martin. (Simon & Schuster, 2015.) He found it engrossing, and so did I.”

Source: Fashion Anthropology: Primates of Park Avenue

Image: Two women in evening dress, Nov. 1936. Woman’s Home Companion.

By Sunsm


SUNSM “woman wardrobe”

Like the rest of the people in the Western world, I believe that my fashion choices reflect aspects of my personality. When I wear clothes, they are really symbols, or a type of language which explains who I am. Hence, for example, I will only buy and wear analogue watches which have an old fashioned feel to them and I, as a general rule, only wear ‘classic’ looking clothes. This fashion choice relays the information that I seek to go above the merely ephemeral and wish to feel part of a tradition. The fashion choice is also a homage to my grandfather, who, like the rest of the Asian Diaspora of his generation, would wear suit jackets and trousers and shoes even in their leisure hours. Hence, I favour cardigans with nice buttons, shirts and jackets, although I will often wear these with the ubiquitous blue jeans and trainers (so even in the application of my personal, general rule, there is something that is more contemporary). Sometimes, I also mix this old-fashioned basis with a layer of brilliant colour. As I write this piece, for example, I am wearing a bright pink jumper with a white t-shirt showing underneath and with blue jeans. I believe that these intense colours relay ideas about my passionate and intense nature, my whimsical, flamboyant and creative side.

What I wish to consider here, is how much self-expression and creativity is allowed in our fashion choices. After all, most of us do not make our own clothes. We wear the vision of others. Our self-expression and creativity therefore, when it comes to fashion choice, appears to consist in our selection and arrangement of clothes in relation to other people’s selection and arrangement of clothes.


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