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Like the rest of the people in the Western world, I believe that my fashion choices reflect aspects of my personality. When I wear clothes, they are really symbols, or a type of language which explains who I am. Hence, for example, I will only buy and wear analogue watches which have an old fashioned feel to them and I, as a general rule, only wear ‘classic’ looking clothes. This fashion choice relays the information that I seek to go above the merely ephemeral and wish to feel part of a tradition. The fashion choice is also a homage to my grandfather, who, like the rest of the Asian Diaspora of his generation, would wear suit jackets and trousers and shoes even in their leisure hours. Hence, I favour cardigans with nice buttons, shirts and jackets, although I will often wear these with the ubiquitous blue jeans and trainers (so even in the application of my personal, general rule, there is something that is more contemporary). Sometimes, I also mix this old-fashioned basis with a layer of brilliant colour. As I write this piece, for example, I am wearing a bright pink jumper with a white t-shirt showing underneath and with blue jeans. I believe that these intense colours relay ideas about my passionate and intense nature, my whimsical, flamboyant and creative side.

What I wish to consider here, is how much self-expression and creativity is allowed in our fashion choices. After all, most of us do not make our own clothes. We wear the vision of others. Our self-expression and creativity therefore, when it comes to fashion choice, appears to consist in our selection and arrangement of clothes in relation to other people’s selection and arrangement of clothes.



What this elegant toothbrush cap allows is for your teeth cleaner to be safely protected without taking up extra space while you travel. The majority of cases for oral hygiene implements are bulky, since they often cover the entire item from the head to the tip of the handle.

NIL Travel Toothbrush

Cedes Milano’s Travel Toothbrush Holder comprises a tempered glass capsule with a chrome lid on a hinge. The piece is impeccably crafted from fine materials, qualifying it as a luxury toiletry accessory.

To use it, slide the bristled end of your pearly whites polisher into the toothbrush cap and then shut the little stopper. You’re left with a clear view of your utensil, making it easy to discern if either needs a clean.

Man of the World


This unique, upscale natural water purifier system is a stunning minimalist design that fuses the worlds of sustainable water intake and cutting edge design.
NIL Water Purifier
Available from Danish charcoal product purveyors Sort of Coal, the stunning glass one-liter water bottle comes with a stick of Kishu Binchotan, a Japanese variety of charcoal that dates back to the Edo period and originates in the Kishu region. Kishu Binchotan is cultivated by artisans in the Kishu region, who transform raw wood into the highly value final product by burning it at insanely high temperatures and then burying the flaming wood in the dirt, a process that carbonizes the wood.

This high-end, modern iteration of an ancient technology is a stylized reinterpretation of an important hard wording natural mineral.


It’s simple they say: “Eat right, exercise and rest.”

We’ve all heard these suggestions to keep out body in our ideal shape. But what about our skin? How do we keep our largest organ healthy?  I’ve body buttered, I’ve exfoliated, I’ve bathed in coconut oil. I drink a gallon of water everyday, I rarely drink diet sodas or juice. I’ve done this all in the hopes of achieving clear, healthy skin from head to toe.

Not only am I working on the look of my skin but also the definition of my body. I’ve recently started getting  chiropractic adjustments as well as practicing Yoga for 30-45 minutes a day. My body is grateful for it. I’m witnessing one of the best changes of my life at 31.

I feel better about myself than I have in a lifetime.

Mustangs & Leopard Prints

Mustangs & Leopard Prints

Below is my current body skin care regime. I’ve found the Shea Moisture brand to live up to its awesome reputation. It’s high quality without breaking the bank. I look forward to the continued results.



The Body Regime

Wash: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Body Wash

Oil:  Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Raw Shea Body Oil

Post: Shea Moisture Honey & Black Seed Skin Healing Elixir with  Honey & Black See After Shave

Remember: Pat, don’t rub your skin dry. Oil your skin as soon as you’re out of the shower/bath. Water is your friend and don’t be afraid of adding in flavor enhancers to keep you sipping though out the day.